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20th August 2019.

bugThe online resources for What's the Buzz? Primary Students 2019 revised edition is now available for members.

28th July 2019


Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures is now available online. You will find it under Online resoures once you have logged in. You can preview the first three chapters by clicking here.


20 Frequently Asked Questions

Click any of the questions below to see the answer. You may click the question again to hide the answer and remove the clutter.

Question 1

What qualification does a facilitator need?

Question 2

Why do sessions run for 45 minutes? Other programs run for longer?

Question 4

What can parents do to support the ideas being taught during What's the Buzz?

Question 3

Will the skills taught during a What's the Buzz? generalise to other situations?

Question 5

Is this programme specifically written for children with Asperger syndrome?

Question 6

Does my child need a comprehensive psychological assessment to participate in What's the Buzz?

Question 7

Does this programme fix "naughty" behaviours in children?
If so, does this mean the group be filled with "children behaving badly?"

Question 8

When is the best time of the day to run a What's the Buzz? group?

Question 9

Why are 'token reinforcement systems' (or rewards) used to maintain a cooperative group spirit?

Question 10

How will I be updated about my child's progress?

Question 11

Are parents informed about worrying issues that might arise?

Question 12

Can parents sit in and observe sessions?

Question 13

My child is very anxious.
How will you deal with this, and can they "pass" on certain activities?

Question 14

You say that the programme collects data about the children’s progress.
How is this done?
Does this really matter?

Question 15

Can What's the Buzz? be used as a one on one intervention?

Question 16

Can What's the Buzz? be run anywhere, or are there ideal environments to facilitate the program?

Question 17

Is it wise for siblings to be part of the same group?

Question 18

Is it necessary for facilitators to stay in touch with teachers and other professionals during the course of What's the Buzz?

Question 19

Will my school pay for my child’s involvement in What's the Buzz?

Question 20

What do I say to my child (or client) about attending What's the Buzz?