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20th August 2019.

bugThe online resources for What's the Buzz? Primary Students 2019 revised edition is now available for members.

28th July 2019


Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures is now available online. You will find it under Online resoures once you have logged in. You can preview the first three chapters by clicking here.



UPDATE for our 'What's the Buzz?' community

Updated Friday 20th August 2019.

FEEDBACK from participants;
'What's the Buzz?' TRAINING DAY at SOPHIA - Friday 6th September 2019.
Booked out. Get in early next year so you can be trained to deliver this global program. Recent feedback;

"I had no idea how to present 'Guided Social Interactions' to strategically build connection, empathy, tolerance and teamwork between the students in my class, in small packages, on an ongoing basis. Thank you, Mark and Madhavi – I have so much to take away an implement immediately."

"Thank you for the best PD day in 20 years! What a day – relaxed, entertaining, active and packed with new learning. The opportunity to learn how to implement all 3 'What's the Buzz?' programs in such flexible and creative ways just blew me away! It was so inspiring!"

"What's the Buzz? was unexpectedly refreshing and deep, deep resource. What a solid and creative framework to work from. I'd also like to thank you for ensuring each of the programs have deep resources around anxiety as we are seeing so much of it in schools and only 1 in 4 kids in Australia are lucky enough to get professional help. As teachers we need these resources!"

"loved your energy, laughter and commitment to us, to kids and to what you do. I felt so supported just being with you and like mined others. The social and Emotional content is brilliantly practical. Why isn't 'What's the Buzz?' mandatory in every Australian school?"

"I was amazed that Mark and Madhavi actually still run their own 'What's the Buzz?' groups. They get it. They live how the rubber hits the road.

What's the Buzz with TEENAGERS?
'What's the Buzz with TEENAGERS?' (recommended for ages 11 to 14 years) is now available. It is perfectly pitched for educators in schools and allied health professionals in private and has been designed as a deep resource which means each chapter can be revisited many times. Each lesson begins a new Archie story where (aged about 13-years) faces the same kinds of social/emotional complexities as 13-year olds in the real-world face. There are 10 chapters in the book and an additional 6 online.

Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures – a new edition!
Demand for 'Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures' has necessitated a SECOND, REVISED, EDITION to be written. It is NOW AVAILABLE and contains the same 16 captivating stories, although they have been reworked, tightened and pose a lot more social and emotional styled questions to children.

Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures – is now online!
Those of you who have a paid membership (individual, site licences for home and work) can now access the SECOND, REVISED, EDITION of 'Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures' online. There are 16 chapters and 112 pages that will fill your screen. Enjoy!

What's the Buzz? for Primary Students – a new edition!
SECOND, REVISED, EDITION (suitable for ages 8 to 11 years) will be released in September 2019. This is a 60% rewrite, plus 4 existing chapters have been replaced with 4 new ones! Each of the 16 lessons echo the same everyday social challenges faced by middle primary aged children, such as coping with peer pressure and bullying style
behaviours; competition and handling disappointment; feelings and wellbeing and self-awareness. Each lesson includes:

  • A new and beautifully illustrated 'Archie' story, in which this popular character faces a new and relatable social challenge
  • A series of lively and exciting games and activity suggestions
  • Role-plays and discussion points so that children can put their skills into practice in a supportive environment

Perfect for teachers and support staff in schools, and all kinds of allied health professionals in private practice.

Welcome to What's the Buzz? a complete social and emotional literacy approach comprised of 48 lessons over 3 programs and complimented by a deep selection of online resources.

What's the Buzz? is an evidence-based program now used in more than 130 countries to teach young people social and emotional intelligence. It is based on the S.A.F.E. criteria, which permits maximum opportunity for the skills taught to transfer across into other situations.

The program has become a required text for teachers, counsellors, psychologists, social work and youth workers in training at many Universities worldwide.

What's the Buzz? for EARLY LEARNERS
- 16 lessons - (ages 5 to 8 years)

What's the Buzz? for EARLY LEARNERSThe EARLY LEARNER's program was launched in 2015 to immerse younger students in a variety of essential interpersonal skills, stimulated by the experiences of a character called Archie. In each lesson, the children help Archie solve the very same social dilemmas that occur in their everyday lives. As they do this, through activity, discussion, role-play, games, puzzles and quizzes, they learn how-to express feelings and become a more positive problem solver.


What's the Buzz? for PRIMARY STUDENTS
- 16 lessons - (ages 9 to 11 years)

What's the Buzz? for PRIMARY STUDENTSThe first version was released in 2011 for teachers, school support workers, parents, home schoolers, and a range of allied health professionals, to awaken the social and emotional awareness in youngsters. It quickly became a global phenomenon finding its way into scores of countries, hundreds of schools, charities, government welfare organisations and the private practices of allied health professionals. Early in 2019 we wrote a revised version containing a new Archie story in each chapter. While Archie's exact age is never revealed, he's about 11 years, and faces the same social and emotional challenges that children around this age typically encounter. This revised edition will not be available until August, 2019.

What's the Buzz? with Teenagers
- 16 lessons - (ages 12 to 15 years)

What's the Buzz? with TeenagersPublished in 2019 this is a deep social and emotional teaching resource that has been well received. In fact, each chapter can be revisited 3, 4 or 5 times with students. Lessons begins with a classic Archie story. Archie is about 13 or 14 years old and faces social and emotional issues with the complexities typical for this age group. There are 10 chapters in the book and an additional 6 online. This version is aimed at middle school aged students and has application in schools and in private practices with allied health professionals.

What's the Buzz? is part of a global response stimulated by the positive psychology and positive education movements. The program precisely guides educators to teach young people new prosocial skills to develop emotional and social intelligence. How to;

And while absorbed in this skill-building, we give children the chance to grow steadier emotions and better behaviours.

Teaching social and emotional literacy, continuously, is a highly effective way to benefit our relationship with, and between, students. All human beings, no matter their age or circumstance, profit from being methodically taught social and emotional literacy skills and being in an environment where these are nurtured.

We now know that when young people are unable to attach to peers or feel isolated, they are more likely to be at risk from behavioural turbulence, mental health difficulties and have a greater tendency for future anti-social behaviour.



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