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31st March 2022.

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What's the Buzz?

Parents frequently ask, "What happens with our children when they go into a What's the Buzz? group?" Similarly, educators have long suggested that we make a TRAINING VIDEO to model how a lesson runs. So, I took a leap of faith and arranged for a What's the Buzz? session to be filmed. It's not perfect, and you'll see that from the bloopers at the end, but it certainly gives a real insight into how to run a lesson, and what the children experience. I wish to openly thank the kids who took part in the production. They were not actors, but part of a regular What's the Buzz? group. It really was a typical group!


What's the Buzz?
Notes and PowerPoint files from
Training and Accreditation Day

These notes were used at a recent TRAINING DAY. They are provided with goodwill; to deepen learning, interest and to share with others.
Revised 13/12/21.

Morning notes (docx)

Morning presentation (pptx)

Mid morning notes (docx)

Mid morning presentation (pptx)

Afternoon notes (docx)

Afternoon presentation (pptx)


What's the Buzz?
Archie audio files

Each lesson across the 3 programs contains an Archie story. They have been developed to set the scene and focus our attention on a typical social/emotional dilemma that children will likely encounter. Every Archie story has been recorded and the audio can be played to your students. Please note that each Archie story on What's the Buzz? for EARLY LEARNERS has a PRE and POST story, whereas the PRIMARY and TEENS has one story to stimulate interest. Here are 6 examples.

What's the Buzz? for Early Learners
Lesson 6: Making it better PRE-story

What's the Buzz? for Early Learners
Lesson 6: Making it better POST-story

What's the Buzz? for Early Learners
Lesson 13: Saying, "No" (being assertive) PRE-story

What's the Buzz? for Early Learners
Lesson 13: Saying, "No" (being assertive) POST-story

What's the Buzz? Primary Students (revised edition)
Lesson 3; Peer pressure; when to follow and when to go your own way

What's the Buzz? Primary Students (revised edition)
Lesson 13: Bullying and bullying-styled behaviours; dealing with them

What's the Buzz with Teenagers?
Lesson 7; Dealing with disappointment (loss and grief)

What's the Buzz with Teenagers?
Lesson 14; Charity; acts of kindness


What's the Buzz?
Who can use / benefit from it?

1. Who is What's the Buzz for?/ Who can benefit from What's the Buzz?

2. How do you explain What's the Buzz to a child being included in our program?

3. What do you do when a child experiences anxiety about participating - or anxiety in general?

4. How do you establish the program values with your small targeted group/ whole class?

5. What can you do when a child is struggling to behave and participate in pro social ways?

6. What can help lead to a successful program?

7. How do you choose which program to use for your child/ student?

8. Why might a young person still be struggling with their social emotional literacy after completing the What's the Buzz program?



Positive Minds Australia

Free resources on Madhavi's website




Colouring in pages from the 'Archie Stories'

As we went into our 3rd COVID lockdown Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker, the co-creators and authors of 'What's the Buzz?' decided to offer each of the 'Archie Stories' from the EARLY LEARNERS and PRIMARY versions as fun, colouring in activities.

Just click and print – it's easy.

Oh? If you want the stories that accompany the colouring in sheets, they come from 'What's the Buzz? for EARLY LEARNERS' and 'What's the Buzz? for PRIMARY Students'. They are likely in your child's school ready to be borrowed or they can be purchased from this website.

Colouring in sheets from EARLY LEARNERS lessons

Colouring in sheets from PRIMARY lessons