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16th November 2015

TheBug Archie audio files are now playable again.


From parents, teachers and students who have experienced the programme

A very big thank you for all the work you have done with Dan in the 'What's the Buzz' program.  I really believe that it has been a very valuable experience for Dan and has helped him form and retain friendships in his new school.  This has made not only a huge difference for him, but also for us as a family. THANK YOU.

Helen, mother


What's the Buzz? teaches invaluable life lessons, strategically disguised as fun and play for kids. From social isolation to enjoying school playtimes - we have been just amazed at the transformation in our six year old child's social skills.

Heather, mother


Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed this innovative program. We think it has been effective as she's jumped forward in leaps and bounds. Her understanding of herself and others, and her social confidence has blossomed.

Bennett, father


I liked What’s the Buzz? It improved my socials skills (e.g. I know how to be a friendly person now).

Ben, 9 year old boy


I can't speak more highly of What's the Buzz? - the content is practical and relevant to everyday life and it is delivered in an engaging and fun way. As a result my son's behaviour improved significantly.

Tanika, mother


What's the Buzz?has been an amazing gift. Step by step we witnessed our son reach new milestones. He has become so much more confident, happier and socially interested.

Angie, Founding Chairperson, The Gold Foundation


I can calm down better now when I’m upset. My teacher said that I think my way through things better now.

Toby, 8year old boy


We have been successfully running What's the Buzz? for children with Asperger Syndrome. It has greatly improved their lives and the lives of their families. The children are excited to come, and watching them develop these skills has been heart-warming.

Jennifer, Secretary, The Gold Foundation


My son, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, recently completed What's the Buzz? He has attended similar programs in the past, but What's the Buzz?is by far superior. I would highly recommend the program as it has changed our lives, and given us the tools to continue using it at home.

David, father


What’s the Buzz?really helped to build my confidence about how to get along with others. I have been happier at school.

Louisa, 13 years


What's the Buzz?changed the way my son thinks. He used to have panic attacks as the thought of going to school filled him with terror. Now at 11 years of age he very comfortable at school, uses the strategies to dispel his anxiety and has a small group of good friends. What an amazing journey this programme offers children and parents alike!

Ellen, mother


We have used What's the Buzz?  over the past two years. It has developed confidence, social skills and resilience in participating students. Parents and teachers have also benefited from the weekly tips to encourage continuity between the sessions, school and home.

Virginia Evans, Head of Kurrajong - Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, South Australia


We use What's the Buzz? at our school. Students attend with a delightful sense of expectation. They know they will have fun and learn new relational skills in a friendly environment. The explicit structure of the programme with discussions, role-play scenarios and games ensures positive outcomes. Students return to class reinvigorated, with lots to share and big smiles on their faces.

Sue Brock, Coordinator of Literacy and Extended Curriculum, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, South Australia


Our What's the Buzz? pilot programme was a huge success. Parents frequently commented on the positive social changes stimulated within their children. Participants enjoyed it, and many took their new skills to school and used them to relate to friends in friendlier ways. This programme is a gem; valuable, adaptable and easy to implement!

Kathryn Hurrell, Senior Respite Coordinator, Community Programs City of Onkaparinga


Luke has made enormous visible gains throughout the programme. I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful work. We are seeing him resolve conflict in new and adaptive ways, develop more resilient thinking and actually build positive relationships with peers. Thanks to the lesson notes and parent tips we have the confidence to continue with this at home.

Sara, mother