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20th August 2019.

bugThe online resources for What's the Buzz? Primary Students 2019 revised edition is now available for members.

28th July 2019


Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures is now available online. You will find it under Online resoures once you have logged in. You can preview the first three chapters by clicking here.


From Training Day participants

We run What's the Buzz? Training Days from Sophia Conference Centre ( Sophia is a spirituality centre established by the Dominican Sisters in Adelaide to support a feminist world view, to celebrate spirituality and to seek justice for everyone. 

It is nestled in a beautiful garden and sits in the shade of a vast Moreton Bay fig tree. Participants always comment on this tranquil and restorative setting.

The Centre is located at 225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park, South Australia. Sophia is right next door to Cabra Dominican College.

To register for this highly regarded Training Day –

Also, Mark and Madhavi are happy to bring a What's the Buzz? Training Day to your school or organisation.

You can arrange this by contacting Mark at or Madhavi at



Many thanks, Mark and Madhavi, for such a great day. I have been looking forward to this for eight months and have built huge expectations. I was not disappointed! Thanks for such a wonderful venue – how unique. Also, thanks to Sharon for providing such fabulous food.

Jess, Somerton Park Primary School


Mark and Madhavi, you were both so inspirational. You delivered this workshop in a perfectly paced fashion. Not only will this be crucial for us to use with students we work with, but within our own lives, our family and people that we meet. This knowledge makes a huge difference for so many interactions that come our way.

Desi, Families SA


I found the day to be a 'light bulb' moment. I can't wait to get back to school and discuss the program and its positive implications for students and staff. I'd like to see the program implemented right across the school as a whole school program.

Heather, Samaritan Catholic College


Oh, my goodness! Actually, demonstrating how the lessons run was truly wonderful. It enabled me to see it, feel it and understand it. I can do this – it's not hard at all. Thanks for a great day!

Margot, Strathalbyn


Thank you for a great Training Day. Like the others at my table I was totally engaged all day. Where did the six hours go? It was beautifully balanced between the practical and information giving. Some of the trainers who turn up in schools could learn from you. Well done on a fabulous social skills program and your obvious passion to empower children.

Dawn, Tassie


Thanks for a fantastic day, Mark and Madhavi. It was great to be able to unpack the program in more detail and feel confident to be able to implement it with students. I am looking forward to using it with whole classes, not just the 'tough kids' as friendship and connectedness seems valuable to ALL kids. Good practice for all teachers too!

Kate, Walford Anglican Girl's School


Very memorable - loads of fun and learning! Your enthusiasm will influence me to be a much better teacher and facilitator of this truly outstanding program.

Mark, Morphett Vale East Primary School


Thank you for today. I really enjoyed the delivery style and the valuable content. I leave energised and confident that I can make a difference to the emotional wellbeing of the girls in our school.

Bess, Wilderness School


Thank you both! What a warm, friendly and so, so practical day. I will certainly be implementing 'What's the Buzz?'

Kathy, Grange Primary School


Mark and Madhavi, thank you! You were enthusiastic, motivating and passionate presenters who have finally offered me a social skills program I can easily implement into my classroom. I can't wait to get started and know my students will get lots of lifelong skills from being involved in it.

Marni, St Margaret Mary's School


The day was fabulously helpful. I'm so excited about getting 'What's the Buzz?' into our school! I love its flexibility, its explicit way of teaching, its predictability and totally fun approach. I already know that this will be a hit with the kids while they learn.

Yalinda, St Bernadette's, St Marys


Thank you for a wonderful day and showing us a beautiful resource. Loved the way you both presented it in a fun and relaxed way. It was like a breath of fresh air!

Annie, St James School, Jamestown


Loved your language; it was great role modelling - perfect. I loved the energy of the day as much as the content - which is brilliant. I'm leaving knowing that I CAN put 'What's the Buzz?' into action with confidence. Before coming today I assumed that there would be cost after cost associated with implementing this wonderful program - there's not! I'm so excited; I'm ready to start and can call on Mark or Madhavi for coaching at no additional cost.

Coralie, CentreCare, Barossa


This is the best professional development day I have been to in a very, very long time. Thank you!

Narelle, Mt Gambier North Primary School


What a treat! It was very refreshing to be sharing the day with the authors of the program, rather than a franchisee representative. A great Training Day; and very helpful answers to all questions asked. I left with an understanding of the importance of social competency in children's lives. Thank you.

Beth, Huntfield Heights Primary School


I appreciated the optimism and playfulness throughout the day. That set a wonderful tone to learn about an uplifting program. It was a unique opportunity to see and hear the underpinning strategies because they were all centred about honouring the child.

Melanie, Holy Cross PS (Victoria)


"Oh, another Social Skills programe I have to go to" was my first thought when asked to attend by my Deputy Principal. I am so happy I did! What fun and what learning Mark and Madhavi were able to deliver. 
I'm eager to get back to school to put 'What's the Buzz?' into practice.

Deb, Aberfoyle Park Hub


A great day. It was positive, informative and fun. It is reassuring to know that I can now go back to school and do this!

Gabby, St Joseph's School Murray Bridge


Such a fantastic program for all kids. Thank you, Mark and Madhavi, for presenting the Training Day in such an enthusiastic and easy to understand manner. I'm looking forward to using the program and highly recommending it to others.

Holly, Happy Valley PS


I've been trying to implement a 'Social Skills' program at our school for years. Mostly I've taken bits and pieces from different programs trying to meet the needs of the students I work with. 'What's the Buzz?' fits the bill! I'm excited to get started, and better still, it's ready to go!

Samantha, Blackfriars


A wonderful day - thank you! Actually running through some of the sessions in the program showing how it can work was really useful. 
Also, the background you gave on how to work with students showing challenging behaviours (driven by anxiety or opposition) was perfect for me to feedback to staff.

Sarah, Autism SA


It was an inspiring and fun-filled day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel confident about implementing the program with my class. Thank you so much.

Jill Rogers - Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier


A vibrant and engaging Training Day! I?m really excited to start using this resource. Thank you!

Katie Window - Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier


Fantastic Training Day! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and left with a first lesson planned!

Megan Mackin - Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier


I'm excited about where we will head with this program. The benefit it will provide to our students is easy to see. Thanks for a great day!

Yvette Sims - Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier


Thank you, thank you! The Training day was exceptional. I cannot wait to get it up and running in my class.

Mandy Stevanovich - Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier


Very motivating! Thank you.

Louise Brook, Trinity College


Amazing - so clear. Such good support, including resources - so well researched. And, can be accessed widely because of your accessible pricing - again thanks!

Michael Proctor, St Joseph's School, Hectorville


Thank you, Mark and Madhavi, for presenting a wonderful experience for us. You have provided a resource in a much needed area.

Robyn Malone, St Brigid's Catholic School


I congratulate you both on the amazing work you are doing which is vital for all our children - thank you.

Gennaro Mannela, St Brigid's Catholic School


A well-paced and engaging day.Extremely well organised - thank you.

Marisa Frangos, Pembroke School


Just an all-round good day - thank you. Very exciting potential!

Sally Anderson, Waldorf School


The session was informative, interactive and fun. Thank you.

Jen Stone, Trinity College


I trialled the program and found it great to use. I liked its consistency, its commitment to collecting evidence-based data and explicit teaching of the skill followed by practice activities. The variety of social games and activities were fantastic and I now use many of these across other therapy settings.

Donna, clinical psychologist


I was expecting a run through of the entire programme. Mark and Madhavi's approach blew me away. It was so much better, and so real. A brilliant day!

Helen, Department of Families and Communities


I was worried that I wouldn't have the capacity to facilitate a programme. Oh, my goodness; the Training Day empowered me to implement the programme with confidence and with support.

Carole, Quirky Kids Organisation


Loved the day! Loved the energy, but well-paced. Looking forward to developing it at school.

Kate, All Saints Catholic School


Loved the energy and passion. More to the point, it was the handy tips to work with kids with tricky behaviours. That was useful! This was a well-paced day; time to listen, to think and to absorb information. A great chance to connect with others!

Bernadette, Pedare


Can't wait to get back to school and get started on this fantastic programme.

Lisa Priddle, Tenison Woods College


What a fabulous programme. I'm really excited about taking it back to school and making a start. The day has left me thoroughly empowered!

Annilei, Mulga Street Primary School


This was a teriffic day supported by a practical and humane program. I loved this.

James, Mulga Street Primary School


Fantastic. I loved the Training Day. What made it so good was actually doing two of the lessons! That made everything gell for me. I'm ready to go back to school and start!

Sam Leane, Mt Gambier North Primary School