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20th August 2019.

bugThe online resources for What's the Buzz? Primary Students 2019 revised edition is now available for members.

28th July 2019


Archie's BIG BOOK of Friendship Adventures is now available online. You will find it under Online resoures once you have logged in. You can preview the first three chapters by clicking here.


Content: What's the Buzz? for
Primary Students (original, 2011)

Whats the Buzz? book coverEach of the 16 lessons can only be found in the book, What's the Buzz? A social skills enrichment programme for primary students, 2011

A summary of each lesson and its key social principle is presented below. A vital component of successfully teaching social skills is clearly communicating the underlying social principles to all involved.

Click on the lesson titles below to see these details. You can click on the title a second time to hide the details and reduce the clutter.

Click on the lesson titles to see more detail. You can click on the title a second time to hide the details and reduce clutter.

Lesson 1: meeting people and exiting

Lesson 2: getting attention

Lesson 3: following instructions

Lesson 4: being friendly

Lesson 5: competition, winning and losing

Lesson 6: identifying feelings

Lesson 7: feelings; the warning signs

Lesson 8: feelings and thinking positively

Lesson 9: feelings; ideas to create wellbeing

Lesson 10: empathy, responding to others

Lesson 11: handling worry

Lesson 12: dealing with disappointment

Lesson 13: responding to bullying

Lesson 14:
the connecting art of conversation

Lesson 15: learning to 'fit in'

Lesson 16: giving and receiving compliments